About Sativa Sean's Bud Bashes

Ground Zero for Cannabis Culture


 Las Vegas is the most visited gaming town in the world.  Over 40 million tourists a year 

travel to our great city. It's only fitting that Las Vegas be home of the most amazing Bud Bashes 

in history. A community where cannabis companies can showcase their goods to cannabis 

enthusiasts, artists, musicians, celebrities, athletes, dignitaries and business owners from 

all walks of life. This is what it's like to be involved in this new culture, this new lifestyle, this 

new revolution. From the safety of a space "customized for cannabis" created by Sativa Sean, 

Las Vegas local and dedicated entrepreneur.  

Ultra Exclusive, but Maintaining Inclusive


 Our goal is to create a VIP Community of cannabis enthusiasts for Las Vegas and the world. The list is Ultra Private, Ultra VIP and Ultra Amazing. All guests receiving the limited entry into Sativa Sean's' Bud Bash can expect all the cannabis enjoyment covered by your host, gratis. 

No stone is left un-turned in this tantalization of the senses with an environment of art, music, lifestyle, culture, food, wine, cocktails, community and most importantly... cannabis. There are no other events that are this valuable or sought after.

The Future of Cannabis Culture


Prohibition had it's speakeasy's, but what about cannabis? As legalization progresses throughout the country and the rest of the world, the need for a unique and stable environment for cannabis enthusiasts to engage in education, culture and enjoyment; become not just critical but the lynch pin to the future of cannabis in the United States. 

Sativa Sean events are a safe and legal outlet for enthusiasts to engage in the lifestyle.

A Bit About Sativa Sean Smith

A Local Boy

I grew up in Las Vegas, I was educated on the much Heralded Greenspun Media Scholarship in Las Vegas. I'm a graduate of CSN and UNLV. I've taught college courses in CA and Las Vegas while I was purchasing and developing land, restaurants, bars and hotels. Even now, I'm attempting to change the entire city of tourism, needless to say;  I LOVE LAS VEGAS. Cannabis legalization is the biggest thing to hit Las Vegas since alcohol was legalized, and the 24/7 nature makes it a perfect market. I am never leaving this city!

This Ain't My First Rodeo...

After graduating High School, I joined the US Army Infantry and spent a few years as a soldier. Afterwards, I represented Las Vegas around the world as an Olympic Boxer alongside Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Californians De La Hoya and Mosley; compiling an overall record of 179-11. I made the Samoan Olympic Boxing Team twice (1996 and 2008 when I owned 6 hotels).  I made my first million in Las Vegas at 26 before finishing college. Also, I worked for MGM, Mandalay Hotels and Boyd Gaming Corp, and then became a CEO of my own companies. I started a hotel chain with MTV star Rob Dyrdek and Pro Snowboarder Marc Frank which lasted 10 years, while speaking at conferences around the world about branding. I've had huge successes and huge falls from grace, and I'm about as imperfect as anyone else. But I know luxury and upscale markets and did I mention? I LOVE LAS VEGAS.

Join Me!

An Upscale Community of Cannabis Lovers and Enthusiasts.  We want to 1) Organize 2) Educate and 3) Galvanize! Become a better educated evangelist for the industry and also, make amazing and rich connections with Las Vegas locals from all walks of life. REGISTER TODAY TO GET ON OUR VIP LIST - Join the cannabis community!


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